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PlantBased Solutions Live Master Class Series

The plant-based space is poised for exponential growth in the next few years

PlantBased Solutions is ready to work together with you to develop, launch and scale your plant-based brand – which is why we have created this powerful live Master Class intensive experience featuring industry experts in the plant-based space. From angel investors, venture capitalists, brand marketing gurus and digital experts, our guest speakers will share their expertise, tools and strategies for your success and interact with you LIVE in eight sessions.

Join the PlantBased Solutions live interactive community and let’s develop, launch and scale your plant-based brand together

Live guest speakers

Wait, the guest speakers are LIVE!?! Yes, we are so committed to building your success, this Master Class series features 10 leading industry experts who will provide their own success stories, share insider tips and tricks so you can avoid pitfalls and answer your pressing questions live during this eight week master class experience. Hear from Lisa Feria, CEO, Stray Dog Capital on raising capital and Mark Mallardi of NEXT on product innovation and Monica Klausner of Veestro on scaling your plant-based product.

PlantBased S
Answering your questions in real time

Each of the eight sessions include practical tools and resources, pre-session work to complete and present, live interaction with the class community, a guest speaker who will share highlights of their experiences in the plant-based industry followed by a Q&A session responding to your questions as well as reading assignments, customized worksheets to complete and a private member dashboard for connecting with your fellow master class participants.

Your private membership portal

Each of the 90 minute sessions are recorded for participants to view through your private portal so if you miss a session, or want to review the discussion or take deeper notes you will be able to access all session recordings. Assignments, resources, readings, handouts and worksheets are available in your portal for on-going use and connection with other participants. All of your data, including email will be private and not shared with anyone – this is your community.

Why a Live Master Class?PlantBased Solutions Live Master Class

As the leading innovator in getting your plant-based brand developed, launched and scaled, Plant-Based Solutions understands your pressure points and wants to deliver the best, relevant and most useful information for overcoming those pressure points, where-ever you are. Whether that means growing out of your garage, needing to find a co-packer, searching for an efficient method to sell your plant-based product online or if you are living in geographically hard to access place – you deserve access to a high quality, professional, live and interactive community. This Master Class series was developed for you!

Interact from the convenience of your own office, garage, board room, kitchen or living room and bring the experts who have the answers to your questions into your space. This Master Class series was designed for your convenience!

PlantBased Solutions Master Class 2019


Master Classes have been developed for professionals to go deeper in their craft guided by masters in their field. This series takes the master class methodology and goes one step further by building a live interactive community. Entrepreneurs have much to offer and teach each other. PlantBased Solutions is excited about creating this opportunity for a community of like-minded innovators to interact and grow together while developing, launching and scaling within the plant-based space.

Join this live interactive master class community today!

The first session begins on October 24th. You won’t want to miss it!

Together let’s get your plant-based brand developed, launched and scaled.

Still deciding if the Master Class series is for you? Register for our free introductory live sampler and find out what it’s all about.