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Daniel Karsevar: Operational Problem Solver

Welcome to PlantBased Solutions, where operational challenges meet innovative solutions. Meet Daniel Karsevar, CEO, a seasoned executive chef, restaurateur, serial entrepreneur, and product development expert. With a proven track record of solving operational hurdles, Daniel is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of plant-based products.

Global Innovator, Restauranteur, and Chef

As the founder of Solutiontopia, Inc., based in New York City, Daniel spearheads a boutique advisory firm focused on launching startups and scaling small growth CPG brands in the natural foods sector. His expertise extends to providing innovative solutions for Fortune 500 food companies seeking to expand into the natural food space. Daniel’s visionary leadership was instrumental in transforming Chloe’s Fruit from a quick-service restaurant into an award-winning wholesale and consumer packaged goods company, boasting a national presence in over 15,000 retail stores.

Prior to Solutiontopia, Daniel served as President and COO of Chloe’s Fruit, where he orchestrated its remarkable growth trajectory. His contributions to the food industry also include leading new restaurant development initiatives at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, collaborating with brand leaders across renowned hotel brands.

Agile and Efficient Product Development

Daniel’s prowess in product development is evident in his diverse portfolio, which includes acclaimed brands such as Loliware, Avoke, Chloe’s Fruit, Yumami, and Pagel. Notably, Daniel provided Unilever with turn-key solutions for their venture into plant-based clean-label foods, crafting innovative products like C’est la Vie & Holy Sweet. With a keen focus on efficiency and quality, Daniel approaches each project with meticulous attention, ensuring optimal outcomes for his clients.

Mentor, Speaker, Pitch-Slam Selection Committee

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Daniel is deeply engaged in mentoring emerging talents within the food industry. He serves as a Mentor at Chobani Food Incubator & Food-X and is a sought-after speaker in the natural foods community. Daniel’s insights are valued contributions to New Hope’s IdeaXchange, reflecting his commitment to fostering innovation and knowledge-sharing within the industry. Additionally, Daniel plays a pivotal role as a Mentor and member of the Selection Committee for prestigious events like the Pitch-Slam at Natural Products Expo East.

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