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Week 8 – What No One Ever Told You About Raising Capital

Dec. 19, 2019 :: 12:00 – 1:30 PM


Lisa Feria will join Daniel Karsevar to share strategies about raising capital for plant-based businesses during the 8th session of PlantBased Solutions Master Class series. Register today and be part of a live interactive entrepreneurial community of plant-based innovators passionate about growing, launching and scaling into the plant-based space.

Guest for this session:

Lisa Feria Guest speaker joins Daniel Karsevar for PlantBased Solutions Master Class

Lisa Feria is CEO of Stray Dog Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage, mission-driven companies that aim to take animals out of the supply chain … more about LISA

Video Link To Class:

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID 572-041-158  When you login, share your name and your company name.


Topics which will be discussed, live with Lisa Feria:

  • How to get funding from the right investors at the right time with the right terms
  • What does the fundraising process usually look like?
  • How do I prepare to meet with top-level investors?


Investor Pitch Deck Template

Module 8 – Raising Capital

Sample Pitch Deck

Advanced Prep Work:

At this early stage, getting in front of more knowledgeable teams and food focused investors is key to the success of the business.

As Founder/CEO/s, I highly recommend you take the time to apply to all relevant accelerators/incubators that can help both propel the brand.

The goal is to apply now or when applications are open so that over the next 12 months, you maintain opportunities to get interested investors on board.

Please find below, a list of recommended groups with links to their websites.

Pepsi Greenhouse Accelerator    $20K Grant + potential to win $100K Grant

Chobani Food Incubator              $25K Grant + Mentorship & Investor Pitch Exposure

Seeds of Change Accelerator
       $50K Grant + Mentorship & Investor Pitch Exposure

Food-X  Accelerator                      8% Equity + $75K + Mentorship & Investor Pitch Exposure

SKU Accelerator                            6% Equity + $75K + Mentorship & Investor Pitch Exposure

Beyond SKu Accelerator              6% Equity + $75K + Mentorship & Investor Pitch Exposure

Additional Resources:

BranchfoodBostonMAfocus on food innovation in New England
Canvas globalMarriott’s concept lab for incubating entrepreneurial food and drink ideas.
Chobani Food Incubator global4-month program with 25k grant
Dairy AcceleratorMinneapolisMN“The entity must utilize dairy as a primary ingredient in its product idea. Any aspect of dairy including but not limited to: yogurt, cheese, whey or other milk-based proteins or ingredients can be used. However, the applicant’s idea cannot be focused on butter or butter-based spreads.”
Food HatchNew YorkNYinvests cash in a wide variety of early-stage food companies
Food System 6San FranciscoCAHelps startups working to change our food system
Food-XNew YorkNYWorks with startups across the food chain; boasts 300+ startup founders in their alumni network
FoodFutureCoNew YorkNYTargeted at startups with 1M+ in revenues with the idea of helping food businesses scale
Good Food Business AcceleratorChicagoILStarted by the folks at FamilyFarmed
Kendall College IncubatorChicagoILpart of a culinary school
Plug and PlaySunnyvaleCAFood program partners with Molson Coors, Hershey’s, and PepsiCo
RevTech AcceleratorDallasTXrestaurant, retail focus
Rutgers Food Innovation CenterBridgetonNJfocused on developing, commercializing, marketing and selling food and beverage products
Social Enterprise Greenhouse (SEG)ProvidenceRICPG, New England regional focus
Target Takeoff!MinneapolisMNTarget and Techstars collaboration for better-for-you brands
TerraSan FranciscoCAaffiliated with KitchenTown