Mark Mallardi on Product Innovation

About Mark Mallardi, Executive Director of NEXT Data & Insights

Mark Mallardi is Executive Director, Strategic Development for the NEXT Data & Insights practice area within New Hope Network. NEXT offersMark Mallardi joins Daniel Karsevar for the PlantBased Solutions Master Class session on product innovation proprietary insights into the Natural Products space, and utilizes its comprehensive suite of Data & Insights capabilities to help clients answer the question: “Where would my next dollar of incremental innovation investment best be spent”. Mark leads the Sales and Business Development efforts for NEXT, and has helped improve the fortunes of well over 100 client companies in the Natural Products space over the five years in which he’s been in this role.

Mark brings over 35 years of experience in the US Food & Beverage industry to his role at NEXT, including nearly 10 years at Information Resources Inc (IRI), senior roles at Neuromarketing startups EmSense & Buyology and Big Data specialist Blueocean Market Intelligence, and client side experience at PepsiCo and elsewhere. Innovation, strategic perspective and a commitment to consultative excellence are the foundation of Mark’s approach to building and maintaining profitable, long-term business relationships. An accomplished speaker and prolific writer, Mark is happy to offer his seasoned perspective on the industry.

Join Mark Mallardi and Daniel Karsevar during PlantBased Solutions Master Class 2019

Topics which will be discussed LIVE with Mark Mallardi include:

  • What are the most important considerations in product innovation?
  • Where to begin in understanding your brand and the cues that are offered by your target market?
  • How to determine if your product idea is on-brand?

Mark Mallardi will join Daniel Karsevar for the PlantBased Solutions Fall 2019 Master Class Series  session on product innovation during which time these two industry experts will interact live with participants and share strategies and tools with you to help you map the industry and identify consumer trends for your plant-based product.  Register today and join an entrepreneurial community of plant-based innovators passionate about growing, launching and scaling into the plant-based space.

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