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Week 4 – Build a Business Plan Investors Want To See

Nov. 14, 2019 :: 12:00 – 1:30 PM


Robert Petrarca will join Daniel Karsevar for the PlantBased Solutions Fall 2019 Master Class Series session on Build a Business Plan Investors Want to See during which time these two industry experts will interact live with participants and share strategies and tools with you to help you plan ahead for the growth of your plant-based product.

Guest for this session:
Robert Petrarca on master class 2019 building a business plan

Robert Petrarca is the co-founder and CEO of Maxine’s Heavenly, a line of vegan, gluten-free, oat based cookies with about 1/2 the sugar as leading natural brands of cookies. Maxine’s Heavenly cookies are mom’s homemade recipe made so much better for you.

Video Link To Class:

Interview With Robert Petrarca

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Meeting ID 842-995-404  When you login, share your name and your company name.


Topics which will be discussed LIVE with Robert Petrarca include:

  • How to create sales projections that include:
    • Assumptions based on relevant industry standard data
    • Number of doors (stores)
    • Manufacturer’s suggested retail price
    • Velocity (# units sold)
    • Distributor & retail margins
  • How to estimate operational costing that accounts for COGS, manufacturing, and distribution forecasting
  • Budgeting for selling, general & administrative expense

Handouts / Advanced Prep Work:

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