From startups to business expansion PlantBased Solutions provides comprehensive services, cutting-edge leadership, and decades of demonstrated expertise to launch, grow and expand your business success.

Branding & Positioning

Break through and stand out in the crowd.

Thanks to the tremendous growth in recent years, today’s marketplace is more crowded than ever in the plant-based category. It can be incredibly hard to break through the clutter and stand out to consumers, between existing players and those entering the scene so frequently. Through market analyses, competitive landscapes, and strategic positioning, we help our clients not only to stand out but to become leaders in the space.

Reducing operational expenses; ingredient sourcing

Improving your bottom line through years of operational knowledge. We’ll work to lower costs to increase profits so you and your team can invest more in growing your business.

From Financials to the Pitch Deck

Advisory work related to financials and pitch deck to raising capital

With PlantBased Solutions’ extensive knowledge in costing, P&L, and forecasting, our team can hone your financials at any stage of their development. Once financials are strategic and solid, we work to create a compelling pitch deck for you, and coach you in the pitch itself to prepare you for any question an investor might throw your way. Finally, we advise on types of investors to raise from, timing, amount, and type, so that from foundation to fundraise, you’ll be prepared for success.

Scaling Challenges, Making Connections for Efficient, Effective Growth

Finding 3PM’s and co-packers

PlantBased Solutions works to address scaling challenges, so that companies can avoid pitfalls and take the most advantage of efficiencies in order to save a huge amount of time and money. We also identify and match third party manufacturers to fit the precise needs of our clients – from location, to size, to certifications, co-efficiencies, and more. Our goal is your efficient, effective growth.

We are the leading agency in the plant-based food and beverage consumer packaged goods market.