Plant-based products leading innovation and sales goals

Plant based products leading innovation and sales

Plant-based products leading innovation and sales goals

Keith Nunes’ article, “Danone’s ‘big, hairy, audacious’ goals” in Food Business News published October, 31, 2018, highlights the mainstream movement toward healthy food.  In the article, Mr. Nunes shares this quote “…we will reach €5 billion in (plant-based) sales,” said Francisco Camacho, executive vice-president of Essential Dairy & Plant-Based (E.D.P.) for Danone, on Oct. 22 during the company’s annual investor day in London. “This is what in the business lingo you would call a big, hairy and audacious goal.”

Danone aims to generate €5 billion in plant-based product sales by 2025. [Read more…]

PlantBased Solutions leading innovators

COO Daniel Karsevar comments, “Healthy foods are not just for natural health food stores any more.  The work we are doing at PlantBased Solutions to grow and support companies with healthy, plant-based product offerings has broad retail appeal and solid trend data behind it.

Improved nutrition was the impetus behind four of the five trends identified by Kroger as the top food industry drivers for 2019, including:

Regional flavors.
Plant-based foods.
Eating styles.
Gut-healthy foods.
Low sugar/natural sweeteners.

We are excited for the implications that this mainstream trend towards healthy food has for plant-based companies large and small.”

PlantBased Solutions is the leading agency in plant-based food and beverage space.

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