Monica Klausner on Scaling Your Production

About Monica Klausner, Co-Founder of Veestro

Monica Klausner joins Daniel Karsevar as a guest speaker for the Fall Master Class series

Monica Klausner is an entrepreneur and sales & marketing executive with a pioneering spirit, and years of experience scaling businesses from inception to record-breaking sales. She launched her career in Sales at ADP, winning many top regional and national performance awards and accolades. Shortly thereafter, she found herself in the middle of the start-up world where she held lead sales positions with innovative media start-ups, including Bizrate/Shopzilla and LAUNCH Media, which was later acquired by Yahoo! Music. While at Smith Geiger her innovative UI/UX strategies launched a new revenue channel. The UI/UX research filled a need for early and later stage companies to acquire feedback in order to enhance their customers’ experience and increase conversions.

In 2013, Klausner and her brother founded Veestro, a gourmet, plant-based food company that has created major waves in the food technology space with annual sales more than doubling and at a current run rate of several million per year.

Join Monica Klausner and Daniel Karsevar during PlantBased Solutions Master Class 2019

Topics which will be discussed LIVE with Monica Klausner include:

  • When and how to prepare for operations growth
  • Deciding whether to co-manufacturer or build out your own space
  • Searching for and vetting a co-manufacturer
  • Contract pricing to reduce COGS

Monica Klausner will join Daniel Karsevar for the PlantBased Solutions Fall 2019 Master Class Series session on Scale Your Production Or Perish during which time these two industry experts will interact live with participants and share strategies and tools with you to help you plan ahead for the growth of your plant-based product.  Register today and join an entrepreneurial community of plant-based innovators passionate about growing, launching and scaling into the plant-based space.


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