David Swintosky on Brand Positioning

About David Swintosky, CFO of Improved Nature:

David has twenty-five years of professional experience in executive leadership, investment banking and strategic consulting. His background includes M&A, capital markets strategy, IPOs and secondary offerings of debt and equity, private debt and equity transactions, restructuring, board positions, corporate development and joint ventures. During his career, he has worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers (1992-1994) and Ernst & Young (1995-2000). In 2000, he founded Dunning Capital, LLC, a boutique strategy consulting firm and investment bank in Raleigh, NC. He holds board positions at Scriyb.com, MyDrugCosts.com, ZynBit.com, Ocean Hugger Foods, and several other companies. He has been a strategic advisor for Improved Nature since its formation in 2015, serving as Interim CFO leading fundraising efforts and business development.

David Swintosky will join Daniel Karsevar for the Brand Position module during the PlantBased Solutions Fall 2019 Master Class Series. Register today and join an entrepreneurial community of plant-based innovators passionate about growing, launching and scaling into the plant-based space.

About Improved Nature, LLC:

Founded in 2015, Improved Nature® is a B2B plant-based food company. The Company’s management team has broad capabilities in commercial food production and has developed a proprietary manufacturing process to make its base products with only two ingredients – water and non-GMO plant protein concentrate. The base products can then be used to produce better for you, clean label ingredients and products including crunchy and chewy snacks and sustainable alternatives to animal proteins. The Company’s first FDA certified plant opened in June 2017 in Garner, NC.

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