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Plantbased Solutions around the world Daniel Karsevar entering Food Loves Tech

Blythe and Daniel in New York with PlantBased Solutions around the worldThe PlantBased Solutions Team Traveling Around The World Highlighting Plant-forward Innovations and Meeting Consumer Demand

PlantBased Solutions’ CEO David Benzaquen and COO, Daniel Karsevar are traveling around the world sharing their expertise in the plant-based CPG space. From London, to Seoul via Philadelphia David Benzaquen has been speaking to audiences about innovation in the plant-based world, discussing strategies and highlights of his experience in the plant-based marketplace. PlantBased Solutions consults with start-ups and international businesses to develop, launch and scale in this emerging and fast-paced marketplace.

Product Innovation and New Consumer Concepts Lead the Discussion

Daniel Karsevar, COO accompanied by marketing director, Blythe Whitten-Snarr, met with innovators, startups and established brands to strategize about launching and scaling CPGs and discussing product innovation in New York City at #FoodLovesTech. Daniel has been covering the United States talking about “The Impact of New Consumer Concepts” in Phoenix and at an interactive lunch discussion, “Connecting Through Food” at Esca Bona in Austin, Texas.

PlantBased Solutions Develops, Launches and Scales Plant-Based Companies & Products

It is the mission of PlantBased Solutions to to develop, launch, and scale plant-based companies and products around the world, using honed strategies to ensure that they are the best and most successful in the marketplace. We have decades of experience in marketing & branding, operations & production, and financials & fundraising, and truly unparalleled knowledge of the complexity and nuance of this space. Armed with targeted expertise, sharp strategy, and a vision of the plant-based economy, we are all in for our clients. Schedule a consultation with PlantBased Solutions today.

David Benzaquen with PlantBased Solutions around the world

Latest Discussions in the Plant-Based Field

Here are some of the questions that David Benzaquen and Daniel Karsevar are discussing around the world:

  • What’s driving food brands and retailers to diversify their product lines and how are they creatively tapping into the shift to plant-based?
  • What formulation and sensory challenges do meat-free substitutes present in terms of taste, texture and nutrition?
  • What innovation and advancements are we seeing in this space?
  • What innovations are we seeing with algae and fungi-based proteins? How can technology help maximize yield and address constraints around supply?
  • What countries and markets offer most promising growth and uptake? How can we scale up production to meet demand?

Is your startup or established brand interested in entering the plant-based space?

PlantBased Solutions can help you develop, launch and scale – today.

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