David Benzaquen, Chief Executive Officer

Driven by service

A long time advocate for the welfare of both human and non-human animals, David has always been driven by service to others. Prior to founding PlantBased Solutions in 2012, David worked in nonprofits for over ten years, including political, women’s rights, and animal rights organizations. David devoted himself passionately to these causes during his tenure in the nonprofit world, and each remains very close to his heart.


Consumers are more apt to change habits when positively compelled

It was in 2012, as David was on the cusp of a major career transition, that he realized he had an even greater opportunity to positively impact the world. He had reached an understanding that would dictate the next stage in his journey: people are much more receptive to encouragement and the provision of additional options than to judgement and the perception of deprivation, and are much more apt to change habits when positively rather than negatively compelled.

An opportunity to impact the world

David saw an extraordinary opportunity to create the change he wanted to see in the world through this sort of encouragement and creation of outstanding options, and it was upon this basis that he founded PlantBased Solutions. He saw that the greatest ability he had to change the world lay in the economy, and hinged on helping to ensure that the products he believed in most – ethical, plant-based products – were the absolute best on the shelves. David founded PlantBased Solutions to give the best products for the planet, the animals, and human health the best chance of success.

Growing the plant-based economy

As CEO of PlantBased Solutions, David Benzaquen has led client strategy for businesses ranging from pre-revenue startups to companies with over $200 million in annual revenue. He is a sought after natural products expert and public speaker and serves as a mentor and advisor to multiple food incubators and accelerators. David also works closely with investors, providing them deal flow and due diligence on plant-based businesses seeking capital.

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