Blythe Whitten-Snarr, Marketing Manager

Mission driven

Blythe began with PlantBased Solutions as an intern in 2015, during which time she completed a robust, summer-long project for a client that involved in-depth research, analysis, and strategy. It was then that Blythe knew she had found what she had always sought: the excitement and puzzle-solving of business in for a mission-driven company that shared her vision of a better world.

Market research & analysis, competitive landscapes and branding

So It was with the greatest joy and gratitude that, after graduating from Cornell University with a double major in English and Philosophy and a minor in business, Blythe accepted a full time position with PlantBased Solutions. She now specializes in market research & analyses, competitive landscapes, and branding.

Vision of a kind world

Blythe was raised by two lovely parents who instilled in her a love for all creatures great and small, which has remained a pillar and driving force of her life. Growing up, she became more and more interested in the exciting, fast-paced world of business and began to consider ways in which it could be (and already was) harnessed as a force for good. She wondered whether there existed a niche specific to her passions, where worldview and work intersected: an engaging job in business that would embody and advance her vision of a kind world in which no sentient creatures were exploited or harmed. Blythe was thrilled to find PlantBased Solutions, where expertise and ethics coincided.

Blythe’s Favorites & Recommendations: Blythe’s favorite organizations are One More Day Foundation and Mercy For Animals. She recommends the “Stuff You Should Know” podcast and the book, “Middlemarch.”