Jen Cafferty on Unique Consumer Marketing

Jen Cafferty talks about unique consumer

About Jen Cafferty, Founder and CEO of The Nourished Group

Jen Cafferty talks about unique consumer

As founder and CEO of The Nourished Group, formerly The Gluten Free Media Group, Jen Cafferty is a nationally recognized expert on connecting gluten-free and free-from brands to consumers. Not only does Jen run the largest specialty diet marketing group in the US, she also owns the Find Me Gluten Free app and runs The Nourished Festivals, which together reach over 3 million people and 6,000 brands annually.

A pioneer in specialty diet marketing and events, Jen transformed the gluten and allergen-free industry through her consumer sampling shows, Nourished Festivals, which have been hosted for over 12 years in 10 locations. Through the consulting division of The Nourished Group, Jen collaborates with numerous restaurants, CPG brands and retailers to ensure they are attaining their full marketing potential when reaching the free-from customer.

Jen and her family follow restricted diets due to a variety health concerns and with years of experience living a gluten-free and allergen-friendly lifestyle, Jen’s opinion has become the “seal of good housekeeping” for many brands. As a Certified Health Coach and Chef, Jen frequently teaches lifestyle classes, writes articles and collaborates on gluten-free projects. Combining her personal and professional experience, Jen Cafferty truly is a proponent for gluten-free and allergen-friendly living.

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Topics which will be discussed LIVE with Jen Cafferty include:

  • Types of marketing campaigns
  • In-store, sampling, trade events, social media, influencer marketing, and digital campaigns
  • Setting and tracking KPIs
  • Estimating and measuring ROI

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