Soylent’s Bridge: Nutrition on-the-go

Can Soylent ‘Bridge’ cross the gap between meal replacements and snacking?

The article (title above) by Jessi Devenyns, gets to the heart of matter: people want nutritious snacks on-the-go!

Soylent’s new product, ‘Bridge,’ is on-trend in a number of ways. With its tagline, “The in-between meal,” the beverage seeks to occupy the unique space between meal and snack – light enough, but satiating. And with 180 calories and 15 grams of protein per 11oz bottle, the drink is not insubstantial. Its protein-density and nutritional profile make it a clear play within the “better-for-you” arena. It has the opportunity to capture the many consumers seeking something healthy that effectively tides them over between meals.

Plant-based snack alternative appeals to the masses

The article raises taste as a potential hurdle for the snack-meal beverages, but Soylent’s performance on Amazon thus far, as well as its success in securing a place in several major chains (including Kroger‘s and Walmart), bode well for the company’s new product, ‘Bridge,’ which promises nutrition on-the-go.

“To increase its reach and align with the on-the-go trend of snacking instead of meals, Soylent is aiming at the growing snack market.”

Click here to read the entire article, published on FoodDive, January 3, 2019.