The End of Animal Farming

What would it take to fully replace meat from animals?

Adele Peters wrote Can we end animal farming by the end of the century? published on Fast Company, November 6, 2018. The question posed in this article, “What would it take to fully replace meat from animals?” is a thought-provoking one, as is the natural follow-up question, “How long would it take?” This article discusses the possible timeline that Jacy Reese (author of the recently published book The End of Animal Farming) poses. Reese suggests that it could happen by the end of the century, and credits this possibility to the spreading awareness of animal agriculture’s vast environmental and ethical problems, the upswing in food tech geared towards replicating animal products (whether plant-based or cell-based), and the expanding commercial infrastructure for such products. Reese notes that if even one country’s government champions the cause of food tech to replace animal products – in the way that something like renewable energy has been championed – it would have an instrumental effect in the movement. With premises like these, Reese argues in his book that, “By 2100, all forms of animal farming will seem outdated and barbaric.” Envision that world for a moment.

Envisioning the end of animal farming

Marketing Manager Blythe Whitten-Snarr, who attended the book launch for The End of Animal Farming, comments, “Reese approaches the topic of ending factory farming through a refreshingly proactive lens; he paints a conceptual roadmap for how we can get there. At the book launch, Reese acknowledged the boldness of putting a timeline forward, but also underscored the importance of it. And it is important – thinking in terms of actionable, goal-oriented steps is undeniably a more effective means by which to effect change than to narrow our sights too much to the present day, or even the present year. I was especially excited to hear Reese discuss Impossible and Beyond Meat – a nod to the immense role that plant-based food tech will have in achieving the end of animal farming.”

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