Ethnic Flavors Spice Up Plant-based Food and Beverage CPG

Ethnic flavors spice up plant-based food offerings according to the article in Food Navigator-USA, “Ethnic Flavors and Other Trends Heat Up in Food and Beverage Launches, Innova Says” published on October 26, 2018 by Mary Ellen Shoup. The article discusses ethnic flavors, plant-based formulations, and use of traditional processing methods (e.g. small batch, stone ground) in new food and beverage launches are all fast-growing product attributes winning over consumers, as reported in Innova Market Insights.

Ethnic flavors spice up plant-based food CPG

PlantBased Solutions COO Daniel Karsevar comments, “It is important for brands and large brand holding companies to sight trends ahead of the curve. Two years ago, I embraced the growing trend of global-flavors when working with Yumami to develop a line of authentic Japanese ready-to-eat bean dips. Selecting unique ingredients such as adzuki beans (usually relegated to sweet Asian dishes), incorporating them into a savory dip, and selecting bold togarashi spices made the difference between “inspired by” or “Asian-esque” flavors based upon a trend, and truly authentic flavors and ingredients.

The growing ethical plant-based economy

We agree that plant-based is a profitable route for companies and is the ethos of our business. Our mission of growing an ethical plant-based economy is finding its fit in plant-based meat alternatives, international brands, and even snack brands that see that the future growth potential for brands fits the growing “flexitarian” segment, as stated in this article constitutes 44% of the US market.”

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