Ocean Hugger Foods: PlantBased Solutions Portfolio Company

Ocean hugger launches plant based seafood options with PlantBased Solutions

Ocean Hugger Foods leading the Plant-based Fish Economy

Plant-based seafood in the forefront

Of all the plant-based alternatives primed for innovation, the plant-based seafood market has not been at the forefront until recently. Now several brands have emerged and are leading the way in this new and exciting space. Ocean Hugger Foods, is one of those breakthrough companies and a PlantBased Solutions portfolio company. Ocean Hugger Foods is the first in this market to focus its initial efforts on alternatives to raw fish with its flagship product Ahimi ®, the world’s first plant-based alternative to raw tuna. In development and soon to be released are Unami™, and Sakimi™, an eggplant-based eel and a carrot-based salmon, respectively.

PlantBased Solutions launches, grows and scales vegan start-ups

PlantBased Solutions has had the honor to be a large part of the launch, growth, and scaling of Ocean Hugger Foods. PlantBased Solutions CEO and Founder David Benzaquen met with Ocean Hugger Founder Certified Master Chef James Corwell, and together they set out to grow the company.

Is your brand identity limiting your growth?

Our initial work with Ocean Hugger was a massive rebrand. The company (and product) was originally called “Tomato Sushi.”  PlantBased Solutions identified that the name might significantly limit both the company especially with the significant potential in both the product variety opportunities (“Tomato Sushi poké”?) and the plant-based “fish” space. The PlantBased team worked with what is now Ocean Hugger Foods to rename both brand and product to resonate with its vision and its goal for growth into different product lines.

Ocean hugger plant based seafood market with PlantBased Solutions

The name Ahimi means “spirit of Ahi,” – the suffix “mi” in Japanese means “spirit of,” and can span products – Unami and Sakimi and many others to come.

Defining a laser-focused channel strategy

PlantBased Solutions worked with Ocean Hugger to define a laser-focused channel strategy. We took into careful account the use occasion and brand goals, recognizing the fact that very few people make dishes with raw fish at home, but rather are much more prone to eat out for such meals. PlantBased Solutions also understood that this chef-created product, an alternative that truly aims to put culinary excellence at the forefront, could be best represented to consumers in applications created by chefs themselves. Finally, we knew where the greatest demand for raw tuna really lies – sushi and poke restaurants, college and corporate campuses, and in the thousands of sushi bars within retail shops across the country. Our recommendation: Ocean Hugger sales and distribution channels had to prioritize and focus on  foodservice. This channel strategy has proven to be an extremely successful tactic for Ocean Hugger Foods.

Operations and management consultation efficiently drives success

PlantBased Solutions offers operations and management consulting and guided Ocean Hugger through its first round of the hiring process. Our consultants helped the company identify, vet and hire three incredible women as the company’s Director of Foodservice Sales, Director of Marketing, and VP of Operations. They continue to push the company to cutting-edge levels. PlantBased Solutions also lead the financial strategy development, fundraising process and investor deal flow strategy for Ocean Hugger, to ensure sufficient capital for continued sustainable growth.

After launch…growth and expansion

PlantBased Solutions is continuing to work with the Ocean Hugger Foods team on securing capital, product rollout strategy, team management, event planning, and branding.

Leading business and economic publications have highlighted and featured the waves that Ocean Hugger is making in the plant-based seafood market and economy.

 The New York Times, Los Angeles Time, USA Today, NY Post, and Forbes.

Driven to grow success

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