Veganism is going mainstream

PlantBased Solutions news Veganism is going mainstream

The incredible ‘food tech’ at the Vegan movement’s heart continues to make leaps and bounds in both quality and popularity. 2019, here we come!

“2019 will be the year veganism goes mainstream,” according to The Economist’s correspondent, John Parker, who wrote The Year of the Vegan. Parker justifies this claim by looking across industries and continents. Indeed, even meat-centric food giants like McDonald’s and Tyson are embracing the movement, evidenced with the release of McVegan burgers and investments in Beyond Meat, respectively.

According to the article, The Los Angeles food district is on track to begin offering vegan meals in all its schools over the course of the 2018-2019 academic year. And another indicator that veganism is going mainstream, The European Commission is slated to soon formalize what the terms “vegan” and “vegetarian” mean in a legal sense with regard to food.

The time is now.

The intersection of technological advancements in food production, and the growing cultural awareness that reliance on animal proteins has a negative environmental impact is creating exciting opportunities for plant-based businesses, and the food industry.

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