PlantBased Solutions Launches New D2C E-commerce Incubator Platform

Direct to Consumer Ecommerce Incubator by PlantBased Solutions with Daniel Karsevar CEONew D2C E-commerce Incubator

Direct to Consumer Ecommerce Incubator by PlantBased Solutions with Daniel Karsevar CEONew D2C E-commerce Incubator

PlantBased Solutions’ D2C E-commerce Incubator Platform

PlantBased Solutions is excited to announce the launch of an exciting new D2C e-commerce incubator platform which helps develop and launch new brands into a dynamic direct to consumer e-commerce portal. Over the past last year and half we have been working diligently to develop processes for plant-based businesses to seamlessly and efficiently develop and launch new brands through a dynamic D2C e-commerce methodology.

Consumers are buying online

Globally, e-commerce jumped to $26.7 trillion dollars during 2020, spurred on by the pandemic (United Nations of Trade and Development, May 2021), and e-commerce has been considered a life-line for small businesses (Forbes, May 2021). Consumers have come to appreciate and rely on the ease of purchasing anything and everything through the on-line e-commerce marketplace.

How does this work?

During the pandemic, there were limited opportunities to introduce new product brands to consumers. PlantBased Solutions developed a process of by-passing the retail launch and instead launching products directly to the consumer (D2C) through an e-commerce platform powered by PlantBased Solutions. Our website development and digital marketing teams work side-by-side with brands to build, market and launch plant-based products integrating all aspects of a global marketplace. From product integration, orders and inventory to shipping and fulfillment and secure check-out experiences; your online store will have a fully integrated brand product customer experience.

What is a D2C E-commerce Incubator?

Powered by PlantBased Solutions. In the PlantBased Solutions’ newly developed incubator, we develop new or optimize existing e-commerce friendly websites, manage inventory and third-party logistics (3PL) so brands don’t have to be bothered shipping out from their office kitchens.  Our D2C Incubator works to leverage existing infrastructure and expertise in the plant-based food space thereby reducing initial start-up related fees and work on a rev-share thereby ensuring our interests are aligned.

What we do:
  • Brand Development
  • Product Development
  • Develop an Optimized Shopify Website
  • Support Product / Package Development
  • Manage Third Party Logistics (Shelf-stable, Refrigerated & Frozen)
  • Develop & Manage Direct Email Marketing
  • Develop Creative Ad Marketing
  • Manage Digital Ad Marketing
  • Drive Traffic & Sales

Our market research has shown that most small businesses who utilize Amazon or other third-party sites for their e-commerce business benefit from the large marketing opportunity these sites represent but miss out on a few key opportunities that our new D2C e-commerce incubator platform works to capture.  Those opportunities include:

  1. Communicating directly with your customers.
  2. Owning and building your email list of your best customers, those that buy your product.
  3. Increasing your margins by selling at retail prices

We’d love to hear from you. Please complete the information included in this pre-application to determine if the D2C e-commerce incubator platform is a good fit for your plant-based brand product. Or send us an e-mail to schedule a consultation with PlantBased Solutions CEO Daniel Karsevar.

And now…

Announcing the Launch of the 1st cohort member of the PlantBased Solutions D2C Incubator … Guiltless by Shayne