Announcing Guiltless by Shayne

PlantBased Solutions Launches New D2C E-commerce Incubator Platform Guiltless by Shayne

PlantBased Solutions Launches New D2C E-commerce Incubator Platform Guiltless by Shayne

Guiltless by Shayne is the 1st cohort member of PlantBased Solutions D2C Incubator

Shayne Hindes is a future board-certified nutritionist with a passion for plant-based cooking. Growing up with an early awareness of the harms in the food industry, Shayne has learned to personalize recipes of all kinds. After earning a degree in corporate communications, Shayne began a modeling career and found herself overly invested in plant-based eating to stay healthy inside and out for her career.

Guiltless Eating

With the belief that no one should have to sacrifice the foods they love for higher calories or dietary restrictions, Shayne soon developed a niche for baking low calorie, high nutrient recipes to stay fit. In 2020, Shayne published Guiltless Low Cal and So Nourished a mini go-to guide to low calorie, high nutrient, indulgences for all the foods you crave, all re-done.

Guiltless by Shayne Launches

It was in January of 2020 that Shayne decided to invest in a master’s degree program in nutrition to really develop her knowledge around the human body and food. After publishing her cookbook dedicated to lower calorie recipes and realizing her passion for healthy eating and indulgent creations, she began the process of launching Guiltless by Shayne in January of 2021, her first food line for plant-based, lower calorie desserts as a member of the PlantBased Solutions D2C incubator.  It was her dream to market and launch her first Guiltless frozen dessert; an assortment of plant-based, low-carb & keto-friendly, low calorie & gluten-free mini cupcakes. With a planned launch for January 2022, it will be the first cupcake of its kind to come to market.

Pre-orders for Guiltless by Shane cupcakes go live on National Cupcake Day  December 15th, 2021.

Guiltless by Shayne is raising funds to expand and has just launched on WEFUNDER.  Feel free to visit the page to learn more about Guiltless by Shayne and watch a short video about Shayne and her exciting brand.

To learn more about the PlantBased D2C Incubator process send CEO Daniel Karsevar an email to schedule a consultation.