CEO Daniel Karsevar was hired in the summer of 2015 to turn the idea of an avocado-based smoothie into a snack.

Daniel began with R&D around the product category and worked to reformulate the product with high standards around a clean vegan label. Tapping into industry knowledge and trends, and target nutritionals, four SKUs were selected: Ginger Greens, Mint Berry, Spicy Carrot, and Coconut Curry. Testing was conducted on the HPP products, and within the first month the SKUs were ready for the next step. A new category had been created: the first packaged Smoothie Bowl.

Daniel conducted a targeted focus group around the brand’s core demographic and received valuable feedback that helped direct the second phase of this project. He then lead product packaging development and contacted EcoTensil to assist with the eco-friendly spoons that were a must for true grab-n-go snacks. Daniel designed a unique cup in the form of half an avocado with the pit designed to hold a toasted quinoa crunchy topping, knowing that this unique package would be eye-catching and would help communicate the product directly to consumers. This cup is now patent pending and has received great praise amongst industry insiders.

With a clear brand direction, formulation, and prototype packaging, Daniel was able to get Avoke on a waitlist for entrance to the sold out Natural Products Expo East. The week prior to the event Avoke was informed that it had secured a table at Harvest Festival (the opening event of Expo East). With only a few days to prepare, Daniel launched Avoke’s website, created trade show marketing materials & signage, and produced the product in time for the mid-September event. Avoke not only secured a deal with Publix and garnered interest from Kroger and Wegmans, but was also nominated for the prestigious NEXTY Award.

Due to the popularity of the final packaged Avoke spoonable snack, Daniel interviewed and selected a top national co-packer and brokered the agreement to success.


  • Product development
  • Consumer surveys
  • Packaging design
  • Trade show support
  • Co-manufacturer search, vetting, & selection