Founding Story

In 2012, David Benzaquen founded PlantBased Solutions to advance his vision of an ethical, plant-based economy. He understood the extraordinary potential for impact that existed through helping plant-based brands and products stand out in the marketplace and become top competitors in every category. It was in pursuit of this goal that he founded the agency, and it remains the driving force behind it.

It is our mission to develop, launch, and scale plant-based companies and products, using honed strategies to ensure that they are the best and most successful in the marketplace. We have decades of experience in marketing & branding, operations & production, and financials & fundraising, and truly unparalleled knowledge of the complexity and nuance of this space. Armed with targeted expertise, sharp strategy, and a vision of the plant-based economy, we are all in for our clients.

Our Team

David Benzaquen CEO PlantBased Solutions Founder

David Benzaquen
Founder & Chairman

Daniel Karsevar COO of PlantBased Solutions

Daniel Karsevar
Chief Executive Officer

Blythe Whitten-Snarr Marketing for PlantBased Solutions

Blythe Whitten-Snarr
Marketing Manager

Clients of PlantBased Solutions

Partners of PlantBased Solutions