Our very own Tomato Sushi to Launch October 11th

It is with tremendous pride that we announce the launch of Ocean Hugger Foods, Inc.’s™ Tomato Sushi™ in Fresh&Co™ stores throughout New York City on October 11th.


Marcus Lemonis of CNBC’s The Profit talks about successful businesses having great People, Product, and Process. As one of the most creative, passionate, talented, kind-hearted and humble people we have ever had the honor of working with, Certified Master Chef James Corwell has become more than just a partner, but a true friend. Chef Jimmy dedicated four years of his life to perfecting the product, a delicious tomato-based, raw bluefin tuna alternative that can be used in any number of preparations ranging from sushi and Hawai’ian poké salad to ceviche and tartare. Tomato Sushi is a true gastronomic feat, bringing forward the taste and texture of one of the culinary world’s most celebrated ingredients. Over the last year, the team at PlantBased Solutions has worked with Chef Corwell to perfect the process to take this business to market. Perhaps most important, and notably absent from Lemonis’ list, is Purpose. With the goal of addressing our global overfishing crisis,  tomato sushi is not only extraordinary in taste, but also in its mission.

Please join us at Fresh&Co™ stores throughout New York City starting on Tuesday, October 11th to enjoy tomato sushi for yourself!

In the meantime, you can read more about Tomato Sushi™ and our partnership with the extraordinary people at Fresh&Co™ in this FastCompany article.

PBS CEO Interview on Journeys to Success Radio

This past week, our CEO took a break from his busy speaking tour to join host Tom “Too Tall” Cunningham and leadership expert Brad Szollose on Journeys to Success Radio. Check out the interview!

PlantBased Solutions CEO Speaking Tour

Over the coming months, our Founder and CEO David Benzaquen will be traveling the country to speak at various conferences and meet with people like you! We’d love to see you at the events or to connect so check out the schedule below. If you’d like to schedule a meeting when he’s in your neck of the woods, send us an email today!


September 12th – 17th, San Francisco

September 14th
SOCAP 2016 (Social Capital) Conference.
Time and Location: 1:15-2:15pm, Southside Theater at the Fort Mason Center
Topic: The Future of Food: Feeding the World with Plants and Proteins

David Benzaquen (moderator), Founder and CEO, PlantBased Solutions
Gilonne D’Origny, Director of Development, New Harvest
Seth Goldman, Co-Founder and TeaEO Emeritus, Honest Tea. Executive Chairman, Beyond Meat
David Lee, COO/CFO, Impossible Foods
Ryan Pandya, Co-Founder and CEO, Perfect Day Foods (formerly known as Muufri)
T.K. Pillan, Partner, PowerPlant Ventures

Register to attend SOCAP.


September 21st – 24th, Baltimore, Natural Products Expo East

September 22nd
Plant-based Food Industry Networking Reception
6pm at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel, 202 East Pratt Street, Homeland Room
The event is being organized by the Plant Based Foods Association, co-sponsored by PlantBased Solutions and will feature cheeses from Miyoko’s Kitchen.


September 30th, New Haven, CT
Yale University Food Systems Symposium
Time and Location: 1:45-3:00pm, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Topic: Culture Wars: Making Meat

David Benzaquen (moderator), PlantBased Solutions
Isha Datar, New Harvest
Bruce Friedrich, Good Food Institute

Learn more and register for the Yale Food Systems Symposium here.


October 7th-8th, Washington DC, HSUS Future of Food Conference
Learn more and register here.


October 9th – October 12th, Boston
October 11th
Sustainatopia Conference
Time and location: 5:55-6:55pm, room Martha’s Vineyard A at the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor hotel
Topic: Biomimicry and its implications for sustainability

David Benzaquen, Founder and CEO, PlantBased Solutions
Colin Mangham, Founder, Biomimicry LA
Others to be announced.

Register for Sustainatopia.


October 15th, Boston
Speaking at 22nd Annual Harvard Business School Tech Conference.
Time and location: Time TBD, at Harvard Business School, 500 Soldier’s Field Road
Topic: Food Tech

David Benzaquen (moderator), Founder and CEO, PlantBased Solutions
Andrew Ive, Managing Director, Food-X
Others TBA (this post will be updated as more information becomes available)


October 16th-21st, Paris, France
Attending SIAL, The World’s Largest Food Innovation Exposition
Register for SIAL.

Engredea Releases Plant Based Ingredients Report

NBJ|Engredea Monograph

This morning, natural industry leader New Hope Network’s Engredea launched a report showcasing the massive growth and opportunities in plant-based ingredients. The report features interviews with a handful of industry experts including PlantBased Solutions’ CEO.

Click here to check it out for yourself and see how plants are the future!



CEO doles out CPG business advice on podcast


PlantBased Solutions’ CEO David Benzaquen had the pleasure of joining Katrina Fox on her Vegan Business Talk podcast this past week for a discussion about running a plant-based consumer products business. Topics included marketing, branding, raising capital, pricing and positioning strategies, sales and distribution strategies and more. Check it out and please share broadly!

PBS CEO April Speaking Events

This month our Founder and CEO will be speaking at two incredible events about the intersection between plant-based and business!

First join us on Friday, April 8th in Brooklyn’s famed Pfizer Building for the Food + Enterprise Summit. David will be moderating a panel titled “Funding an Ethical Food Economy: Plant Based Ventures” about investment in the plant-based sector with speakers from The Good Food Institute, VegInvest and VegFund. On Saturday, at the same conference, David will serve as an expert in the mentoring Expert Exchange session where food entrepeneurs can ask him questions about running a packaged food business. Buy your tickets today!


green monday HK pic

Then, on Earth Day (April 22nd, of course), David will be speaking at Green Monday’s Earth Day Forum in Hong Kong about why the plant-based sector is such a hot area for amazing investors and entrepreneurs, alongside investors Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni of NKGB Strategic Advisory and Chris Kerr of New Crop Capital. Green Monday is leading the global movement in sustainability so this is sure to be an exciting event. Learn more and register today!

$1 Billion in One Week for Plant-Based Companies

It started one week ago when leading UK meat alternative manufacturer Quorn Foods announced that they had sold to the Philippine’s Monde Nissin for a tremendous US $831 million. The company, which offers over 90 meat alternative products based on mycoprotein, announced that the acquisition will help them expand into Asian markets and propel them to their goal of $1 billion in annual revenues.


Then, on Friday, two brilliant young entrepreneurs were featured on ABC’s hit reality show Shark Tank (see the episode here), where they pitched their startup business, Loliware. The company produces delicious and bright edible cups made out of plant-based alternatives to gelatin, a solution that could dramatically reduce the waste and damage caused by disposable plastic cups. Following a feeding frenzy in which all the sharks clamored to join the venture, the company’s founders made a deal with billionaire tech mogul Mark Cuban and real estate tycoon Barbara Corcoran. The total investment? $600,000. An impressive amount for such an early stage company given the notorious undervaluations of the sharks, and four times more money than the  Loliware ladies had even asked for!


Finally, early this morning TechCrunch broke the news that pre-market, plant-based cheeseburger maker Impossible Foods has raised $108 million in a single round. The investors included big names such as Bill Gates, Li Ka-shing’s Horizons Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Viking Global Ventures. Insiders say that the company had already raised $75 million in a previous funding round. All this money suggests that Impossible Foods could be the first food company to raise so much money before selling a single product.


$831,000,000 + $600,000 + $108,000,000 = US $939,600,000 invested in one week for healthy and sustainable plant-based goods.

Big money is betting on plants and we’ll all be able to cash in.

PBS Founder Radio Interview on Social Entrepreneurship


On Friday, September 11, our Founder and CEO David Benzaquen was interviewed on Your Partner in Success Radio, discussing social entrepreneurship. You can listen to the whole interview here.

We’ve Mooooved

we've mooved

The PlantBased Solutions HQ has moved to new digs in New York City’s swanky SoHo neighborhood! Please take note of our new address:

77 Bleecker Street, Suite C2-21, New York, NY 10012



PlantBased Solutions CEO Submits Comments on Dietary Guidelines

As we write this, representatives of the nation’s largest food companies are lobbying the United States Department of Agriculture to weaken food policy recommendations made by its panel of the nation’s top medical and nutrition professionals. Earlier this week a coalition of plant-based food companies led by public health lawyer Michele Simon submitted a letter to the USDA asking them to maintain the call for Americans to eat more plants and less meat in the final guidelines (Read that letter here). You can submit your comments in support of the dietary guidelines by 11:59pm on Friday, May 8th by going to the USDA’s website here. Below are the comments submitted by our CEO.

Dear Secretary Vilsack et al at the USDA:

I applaud the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee for its scientifically-grounded recommendations that Americans should reduce their intake of meat products and increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. The evidence shows that the consumption of animal proteins leads to an increased risk of ischemic heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain forms of cancer when compared with a plant-based diet. Coming from a family plagued by heart disease, and as a former teenager who personally faced the dangers of high LDL cholesterol, a high BMI and dairy-induced (nearly chronic) bronchitis, I have seen firsthand the benefits of eliminating meat, dairy and eggs from my diet over the last 15 years.

I also applaud the committee for recognizing the significant impact of our dietary choices on the sustainability of our planet and the benefits of eating a more plant-based diet to improve water/land/feed efficiencies, reduce pollution and reduce the astronomical level of greenhouse gases emitted by animal agriculture.

In making official food policies based on the recommendations, I call on the USDA to do the following:
1) Specifically mention the variety of healthful plant-based foods that can be offered as alternatives to animal products. Many of these offer sufficient levels of protein (which most Americans currently consume in excess), high levels of other essential nutrients not found in animal products, no cholesterol, and significantly less saturated fat.
2) Specifically identify and recommend healthy alternatives to the milk and dairy components of My Plate. Animal-based milks are high in fat and cholesterol, have been shown to cause the body to leech calcium (despite industry marketing that implies otherwise), and are not digestible by the majority of the world’s population (particularly in non-Caucasian communities). Dairy alternative beverages offer equivalent or improved nutritional benefits without the cholesterol and provide a solution for the majority of Americans who cannot properly digest animal milks.
3. Stand up for the health of Americans, rather the interests of industry, and retain the scientific advisory committee’s recommendations for Americans to decrease consumption of meat. Please do not weaken these recommendations by encouraging Americans to eat “lean” meats when in reality no meat sold in this country meets your legal standard for “lean meat,” and even if these products did exist, they would not address many of the carcinogenic and heart-disease-related risks associated with meat products.

I thank you in advance for doing what’s right and advancing the sound science that has been presented to you by the nation’s leading medical and nutrition experts.


David Benzaquen

Founder & CEO

PlantBased Solutions