It is with tremendous pride that we announce the launch of Ocean Hugger Foods, Inc.’s™ Tomato Sushi™ in Fresh&Co™ stores throughout New York City on October 11th.


Marcus Lemonis of CNBC’s The Profit talks about successful businesses having great People, Product, and Process. As one of the most creative, passionate, talented, kind-hearted and humble people we have ever had the honor of working with, Certified Master Chef James Corwell has become more than just a partner, but a true friend. Chef Jimmy dedicated four years of his life to perfecting the product, a delicious tomato-based, raw bluefin tuna alternative that can be used in any number of preparations ranging from sushi and Hawai’ian poké salad to ceviche and tartare. Tomato Sushi is a true gastronomic feat, bringing forward the taste and texture of one of the culinary world’s most celebrated ingredients. Over the last year, the team at PlantBased Solutions has worked with Chef Corwell to perfect the process to take this business to market. Perhaps most important, and notably absent from Lemonis’ list, is Purpose. With the goal of addressing our global overfishing crisis,  tomato sushi is not only extraordinary in taste, but also in its mission.

Please join us at Fresh&Co™ stores throughout New York City starting on Tuesday, October 11th to enjoy tomato sushi for yourself!

In the meantime, you can read more about Tomato Sushi™ and our partnership with the extraordinary people at Fresh&Co™ in this FastCompany article.