Chipotle Looks to “Meat” Growing Demand for Plant-Based Food

Chipotle is joining the meatless revolution by offering a delicious plant-based option known on their menu as “Sofritas” – shredded, organic tofu that’s braised with chipotle chiles and roasted poblanos and served in burritos, tacos or bowls.  Yum!  Plant-based options are in high demand not just for vegetarians, but also for the nearly 1 in 5 “flexitarian” Americans, those who eat a primarily plant-based diet. Read more about Chipotle’s plans here.

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Australian Government States that Veganism is Safe and Healthy for All

Australia’s seminal health and nutrition organization, NH & MRC, has recognized that vegan diets are safe and healthy for people of all ages. The new Australian Dietary Guidelines promote plant-derived foods as appropriate alternatives to meat-based foods.

Veggie Burgers Now at Dunkin’ Donuts India

Dunkin’ Donuts launched a line of Dunkin’ Burgers in India, which includes several veggie burgers as well as a meat-based burgers. Back in the U.S., pleas for the company to add a non-dairy donut to its menu continue.

Number of vegetarians in China surpasses that in the U.S.

While eating meat has historically been a sign of prosperity in China, a new generation of young people is adopting a plant-based diet with growing awareness of the environmental impact of food. Over 50 million Chinese are now vegetarian or vegan, compared to about 30 million in the United States.


A New Taco Bell Menu Leaves out the M-word

In an analysis of content over social media channels, Infegy found that 43% of online conversations about meat in the last 6 months had a negative connotation – often containing the words ‘bad’, ‘concerns’ and ‘problem’. Taco Bell has responded by creating a new “Power Protein” menu. The menu, which is set to launch in Ohio in late July, and seeks to highlight the high-protein content of food items rather than their meatiness. Interestingly, many plant-based foods such as kale and spinach, have a higher protein content per calorie than that of meat.