Vegan Business Talk, Katrina Fox interviews David Benzaquen

Katrina Fox with Vegan Business Talk interviews David Benzaquen, CEO of PlantBased Solutions

In this episode of Vegan Business Talk, Katrina Fox interviews David Benzaquen from PlantBased Solutions, an award-winning brand management and marketing agency for plant-based consumer product companies, headquartered in New York.

In this interview he talks about:

  • The 3 ways to price your product and the importance of choosing the right one
  • Why having your product in the biggest and highest number of retailers is not necessarily the best strategy for sales or growing your business
  • The first steps to take before approaching retailers
  • The pros and cons of working with distribution companies and brokers
  • Why listing too many ‘free from’ claims on the front of your packaging can turn consumers away from your product
  • What investors look for in businesses and what questions you should ask an investor

With a team of people who collectively have hundreds of years’ experience in marketing, branding, product development, finance, operations and more, the company offers a range of services for pre-market startups through to huge global brands, including opportunity assessments, business planning and forecasting, new product development, market research, brand creation and a full range of marketing planning and execution.