The Inaugural Plant Based World Expo: A Smashing Success!

A momentous occasion

The first-ever trade show devoted exclusively to plant-based businesses and healthcare organizations promoting plant-based eating boasted nearly 4,000 attendees. And the organizers of the Plant Based World Conference & Expo pulled it all off seamlessly, with each piece of the show coming together perfectly.

Plant Based World Expo 2019The aisles were filled with plant-based brands offering delicious, innovative foods, and there was not an empty booth in sight. The speaking events and panels offered insights from some of the most influential people in the plant-based space, and addressed some of the most important issues & opportunities in the current climate. Excitement and activity filled the Exhibit Hall.

Ben Davis, Content & Communications Director of the Plant Based World Conference & Expo, said in a press release:

“We had attendees who traveled from all 50 states and countries throughout the world to be a part of this first-of-its-kind event. A healthcare conference, a business conference, an expo open to the general public all rolled into one epic gathering of humans with the common belief that what we eat, how we feel and the world we share are all integrally connected.”

With such an extraordinary proof of concept, we have no doubt that the show will double (or even triple) in size next year. We are excited to be active participants again, and to do our part in growing this amazing event.

Plant Based World Expo 2019

A huge thank you to Ben Davis and to Michelle Bonina – Sales & Business Development Director – for their tireless work to make the event happen. (For information on exhibiting at next year’s event, contact Michelle at 203-416-1924 or Thank you also to the founding sponsors, including our colleagues at Plant Based Foods Association, who helped make the event possible.

PlantBased Solutions Workshop

Our workshop on branding, scaling, and fundraising was well-received, and CEO Daniel Karsevar and Founder & Chairman David Benzaquen were commended for their passion and energy on stage. The duo spoke on positioning, building a strong brand foundation, business plans & financials, third-party manufacturing, scaling efficiently, types of investors, raising capital, and investor expectations, to name a few.

If you are interested in learning more on the topics that we covered in our workshop (and many others), sign up for updates on our Master Class, coming Fall 2019!

Slide from PlantBased Solutions Workshop Presentation on Business Plan & Financials

A Bustling Event

Plant Based World Expo 2019 Exhibit Hall Photo with Follow Your Heart

Plant Based World Expo was a busy scene! The aisles were filled with entrepreneurs, investors, manufacturers, retailers, restaurant and other foodservice professionals, health industry professionals, and members of the public with a taste for delicious plant-based foods. We were impressed to see how well-attended the new event was, and applaud the organizers of Plant Based World for their planning, promotion, and execution.

Amazing Plant-Based Companies

Plant Based PantryIt was exciting to see many amazing new plant-based brands alongside the beloved brands we have grown accustomed to seeing on our grocery store shelves. We had our fill of pub cheeses from Miyoko’s, pulled pork sandwiches from Uncut, tuna melts from Good Catch Foods, truffle aioli from Holi Aioli, and Yondu’s umami-forward vegetable seasoning, among many others.

We often hear about the incredible growth in the plant-based space, with statistics on size and growth that wow. It was inspiring to see the heart and soul behind this growth under one roof (with exceptions that will surely join next year). Indeed, the energy, passion, and devotion from the entrepreneurs and other members of the plant-based community illustrated the driving force behind these statistics. Follow Your Heart Booth at Plant Based World ExpoIt is thanks to these amazing people that we are on the road to a plant-based future, moving full steam ahead towards plant-based offerings that truly compete on taste, cost, and convenience. We are so grateful for this community, changing the world one delicious plant-based bite at a time.