David Benzaquen to Speak at Ivy League Future of Food Conference

IVYFFC 2018 League Future of Food Conference speaker David Benzaquen

The Ivy League Future of Food Conference at the University of Pennsylvania October 12 – 14, 2018

The Ivy League Future of Food Conference is an annual professional conference on plant-based diets and bioethics featuring renowned leaders from across the disciplines. The 2018 conference at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) will be the largest, most feature-packed yet. David Benzaquen, Founder and CEO of PlantBased Solutions and CEO of Ocean Hugger Foods will speak Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 12:15– 1:00pm about the Plant-Based Meat-Business and then speak on a panel at 1:00– 1:30pm about Plant-Based Meat with Celeste Holz-Schietinger of Impossible Foods.

Ivy League Future of Food Conference speaker David Benzaquen

The conference, held at the University of Pennsylvania, Houston Hall (3417 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19104) is open to the general public; affiliation with Penn is not required. The presenters represent a variety of fields including medicine, climatology, policy, industry, finance, and consulting. The Ivy League Future of Food Conference sessions emphasize innovation, self-critique, and re-examination of a plant-based diet as an elegant solution to a host of pressing issues in an increasingly global community.

David Benzaquen at Ivy League Future of Food Conference

David is the Founder and CEO of PlantBased Solutions, an award-winning, strategic brand management and marketing agency for plant-based consumer products. PlantBased Solutions has led strategy and marketing efforts for some of the world’s largest meat and dairy-alternative brands, including gardein (acquired in 2014 by Pinnacle Foods) and Daiya Foods (acquired in 2017 by Otsuka).

David Benzaquen CEO PlantBased Solutions Founder

David is also the CEO of Ocean Hugger Foods. Founded by Certified Master Chef James Corwell, Ocean Hugger Foods makes delicious, plant-based alternatives to the world’s most popular seafood items to stop the overfishing crisis. Ocean Hugger Foods’ flagship product, Ahimi, an alternative to raw tuna made from tomatoes, is sold throughout the US and Canada and will be launching in Europe and Asia in 2019. The company will also soon launch its eggplant-based eel, carrot-based salmon and more. Ocean Hugger Foods was recently recognized as Whole Foods Market’s Supplier of the Year for Outstanding Innovation.

PlantBased Solutions Develops, Launches and Scales Your Plant-based Products

David’s passion for plant-based solutions is evident in all he does. If you are interested in learning more about his work, or would like to work with PlantBased Solutions to develop, launch and scale your plant-based product schedule your introductory session today. See you at the Ivy League of Food Conference on October 12 – 14, 2018.