PlantBased Solutions is the leading agency in the plant-based food and beverage space.

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PlantBased Solutions, the leading agency in plant-based food and beverage consumer packaged goods develops, launches and scales businesses…take a look:


Chris Kerr

Chris Kerr PlantBased Solutions testimonial

Few companies better understand the plant-based food sector than PlantBased Solutions, including knowledge of what it takes to be a successful in this space. I have worked closely with them over the last several years to find investment opportunities in some of the most innovative companies in this arena. I recommend them to anyone launching or growing a plant-based food business.

Chris Kerr
New Crop Capital

Bruce Friedrich

Bruce Friedrich PlantBased Solutions

PlantBased Solutions is a leading force in the plant-based business world. They have been invaluable to The Good Food Institute and to many of the groundbreaking plant-based companies we work with.

Bruce Friedrich, Co-Founder and Executive Director
The Good Food Institute

Michele Simon

Michele Simon PlantBased Solutions

David is the hardest working advocate I know. He’s passionate, strategic, and seems to know everybody in the industry. And unlike some other firms, PlantBased Solutions is willing to help small start-ups, which I find very admirable. If you want your business to succeed, you cannot afford NOT to work with David and PBS.

Michele Simon
Plant Based Foods Association

Angie Sagnelli

Angie Sagnelli PlantBased Solutions

PlantBased Solutions brings creativity, strategic thinking, passion, and experience to every marketing challenge. I highly recommend working with them.

Angie Sagnelli

Arshad Bahl

Arshad Bahl PlantBased Solutions

Receiving consulting advice from PlantBased Solutions is like drinking liquid gold from a fire hose.

Amrita Health Foods

Brad Szollose

Brad Szollose PlantBased Solutions

In 30+ years of business I have yet to meet anyone with PlantBased Solutions’ intuitive sense of business savvy, marketing and positioning, along with a deep understanding of what customers really want in the vegan space. I highly recommend working with them. Consider PlantBased Solutions a “must have” secret weapon in today’s highly competitive healthier lifestyle business sector.

Brad Szollose
TEDXSpeaker, NextGen Management & Learning Development Pro

Lisa Feria

Lisa Feria PlantBased solutions

PlantBased Solutions is very well networked, highly professional, responsible and very smart. We consider them a key partner as we developed the fundamentals for our company and our brand. PlantBased Solutions would be an asset to anyone – as a mentor, advisor or partner.

Lisa Feria
Stray Dog Capital

Mark Doskow

Mark Doskow PlantBased SOlutions

When it comes to the business of plant-based foods, David and his team at PlantBased Solutions are, in my experience, some of the most knowledgeable working in the field. With that knowledge, they bring with them a clear passion for the inherent mission of the sector along with a keen perspective on what it takes to be successful in the space. I was fortunate to work with PlantBased Solutions on various projects and was constantly impressed by the lengths to which they were willing to go for their clients. No ask was ever too small or too great. And for me personally, with his connections, knowledge and experience, David has been a tremendous guide and resource always willing to help and seemingly always with the answer to a question or a suggested course to navigate a challenge.

Greg Gilles

Greg Gilles PlantBased Solutions testimonials

Connecting with PlantBased Solutions was a transformative experience for me. They possess a wealth of knowledge about each stage of launching and growing a plant-based enterprise that I have yet to find elsewhere. Moreover, they always go the extra mile to make sure you get the help you need. Early on, I was connected with product development specialists, suppliers, and other helpful contacts that months of prior research had not uncovered. After spending a short period of time with PlantBased Solutions, you will learn an incredible amount about the nuances in branding and marketing a food concept so that it succeeds in a competitive marketplace. On a personal note, getting to know David has been inspiring and rewarding in itself. His story and deep commitment to making an impact through these foods demonstrate that he is a leader in the field and beyond. If you are not 100% confident about the direction your plant-based company is going, do not hesitate when reaching out to PlantBased Solutions!

Greg Gilles
Split Creamery