Future Foods Workshop – Innovation & Sustainability Conference Series 2018 @ Seoul
Nov 1 all-day

Our CEO, David Benzaquen, will be a speaker.

Big investment is flowing into tech start-ups developing solutions that will disrupt traditional agriculture and how consumers view food, particularly in the alternative protein space. Plant-based ‘meat’ and cellular agriculture are not just grabbing headlines but also the imagination of the consumer, both for and against. The pace of this change is staggering and the potential benefits for the environment hard to question. The question for Korea, only 30% food-sufficient and short on water & land, is: can it be food self-sufficient and ultimately be a leading exporter of the new generation of food?

Find out where the ‘revolution’ in alternative protein is headed and how long before it becomes the norm. Who is involved? What will be on our plates? When? And ultimately, what impact will it have on traditional agriculture and what are this sector & government doing to meet the disruption?

Meet and hear from speakers leading this disruptive change, including:
• Start-ups now leading the food innovation space
• Leading investors who will highlight why this disruption is the ‘sustainable’ choice
• Traditional agriculture’s move to meet the disruption

This workshop will be a presentation & panel session with plenty of time to get your questions answered and meet with the presenters and peers attending.