Position Your Brand for Success

Position Your Brand for Success – Define Your Target Audience, Competitive Landscape and Market Opportunities

Other Sessions included in this Master Class Series

2. Ethical PB Economy – Planet, People, Profit
3. Product Innovation – Developing a product based on industry/consumer trends
4. What Type of Business Do You Want – farmers market, local retail, national brand
5. How To Determine Your Go-To-Market Strategy – understanding sales channels and what’s related to each – Retail (traditional/natural), Food Service (contract dining, wholesale to restaurant groups), E-Commerce
6. How To Build A Financial Plan – costing, expenses, Profit & Loss,
7. Scale Your Production Or Perish – when to prepare for operations growth, working with Co-Packers & Third Party Manufacturers or build out own space, contract pricing to reduce COG’s
8. What You Need To Know About Raising Capital – what do investors want to see, preparation of financials, pitch deck, practice, strategic investors
9. Marketing Your Business – from launch, sampling, social media and digital campaigns

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