Huge Increase in Vegetarian Restaurant Offerings in 2013

According to Technomic’s MenuMonitor, the incidence of vegetarian dishes on restaurant menus jumped 22 percent between 2012 and 2013! Read more about it here, then come back to our site to check out how we can help your restaurant get on board with the hottest trend in food service.

Plantbased Solutions founder interviewed on radio

Our founder was recently interviewed by bestselling author and radio host, Victoria Moran, on her show Main Street Vegan. Topics discussed included the growth of the plant-based business community and some of the wonderful clients we work with. Find the full interview here.

Plant-based Eating Named One of Top 5 Health Trends for 2013

On December 27th, the Values Institute at DGWB, a national consumer research institute, declared vegan eating one of the top 5 health trends for 2013. In their words,

“Last year’s rise of the flexitarians is proving to be the symptom of an overall trend towards meatless eating. Veganism, flexitarianism and vegetarianism’s more experienced older brother, is responding similarly. No longer reserved for the hipper-than-though crowd, it is being embraced as a mainstream health alternative. Even professional athletes like Venus Williams and Arian Foster, whose bodies are their livelihood, have made the switch….Look for herbivore-accommodating menus at restaurants on both coasts to start migrating to mid-America in 2013.”

The Values Institute is not the first group to predict the growth in this market. In November, foodservice research firm Technomic declared plant-based eating one of 2013’s top trends following its year-long analysis of quantitative data from its MenuMonitor database.

With health concerns among consumers at an all-time high, how about making it your business’s new year’s resolution to add more plant-based options to your menus?

Wall Street Journal Reports Dramatic Decline in US Milk Consumption as Consumers Embrace Alternatives

The Wall Street Journal today reported that per-capita milk consumption has dropped 30% since 1975 as prices have risen dramatically, including a 9.2 percent jump in 2011 alone. This news comes as more consumers are choosing dairy alternatives, such as milks, cheeses, and desserts made from soybeans, cashews, coconuts, almonds, and other protein-rich grains, nuts and legumes.

According to the WSJ,

“But in a sign of how shifts in consumer preferences are shaking up the industry, Dean Foods earlier this year spun off its fast-growing WhiteWave division, which makes Horizon Organic Milk and Silk soy products. The move was designed to get investors to pay more for shares in a business unit with higher profit margins and faster growth prospects than conventional milk.”

USDA Predicts Sharp Decline in US Meat Consumption in 2013

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service today released its “Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook.” In the study, the agency predicted that Americans will eat 500 million fewer chickens, and 400,000 fewer cows than they did in 2006. Consumption of turkeys and pigs is also expected to drop significantly. While some have attributed the drop largely to rising feed costs, analysts at Counting Animals have measured the compensated demand elasticity (a calculation which determines to what extent a change in consumption is due to rising costs or actual demand) for each of these consumer products and determined that the decline in consumption is much greater than that which could be attributed to costs.

The USDA report follows an October study by the Worldwatch Institute which declared that per-capita meat consumption dropped from 42.5 kg to 42.3 kg per person worldwide over the last two years.

McDonalds’ Joins Competitors in Opening 100% Plant-Based Restaurant Locations in India

With plant-based eating going global, the world’s largest fast food company is cashing in by opening two all-vegetarian restaurant locations in Southern Asia’s largest country. The franchise’s first plant-based restaurants will be in the Indian towns of Amritsar and Katra, two of the nation’s holiest regions. The decision to open the new shops is part of the company’s three-year plan to double the number of locations in India and follows the success of two other fast food giants opening all vegetarian shops nearby. Just days before McDonald’s announcement, Subway announced its opening of an exclusively vegetarian store in India’s Punjab state, and Domino’s Pizza, the nation’s largest and most successful fast food giant, has multiple all-veg eateries in the regions of Gujarat and Mumbai.

McDonald’s has already been offering multiple plant-based options to diners throughout the country, including its McVeggie burger and McAloo Tikki, a patty of spicy mashed potatoes which accounts for 25 percent of the company’s sales in the country.

GGロゴをカスタマイズしたのグッチ コピーバッグがリリース

グッチ(GUCCI)が、グッチゴースト(GucciGhost)の名で知られるグラフィティアーティストのトラブル・アンドリューとのコラボレーションコレクショングッチ コピー「グッチゴースト」を発売した。
そのGGロゴを使ったトラブル・アンドリューのアイデアと、レディトゥウェアやアクセサリーをカスタマイズする手法に、グッチのクリエイティブディレクターであるアレッサンドロ・ミケーレが感銘を受けたことから、グッチ コピー16-17AWコレクションでのコラボレーションが実現した。
同コレクションでは、グッチ スーパーコピートートバッグ、バックパック、ショルダーバッグ、ポーチなどのアイテムがうちの通販店で展開される。