This past weekend our staff had the pleasure of attending the James Beard Foundation’s annual Food Conference. One session that had a particularly high impact on us was Bolthouse Farms’ President Jeff Dunn’s conversation with author Raj Patel about marketing healthy foods.

For those who don’t know, Jeff Dunn famously left a position as President of Coca-Cola to pursue his passion for promoting healthy foods. After taking the reins at Bolthouse Farms, Mr. Dunn sent shock waves through the food industry by branding baby carrots as junk food in order to appeal to young consumers.

During the talk, Mr. Dunn spoke passionately about leveling the playing field to give healthy foods a chance to compete for consumers’ attention, through creative branding techniques. At PlantBased Solutions, we are highly motivated by Mr. Dunn’s example and aim to show consumers how delicious, affordable, and exciting, plant-based foods can be through similarly innovative branding and marketing techniques.

You can listen to Jeff Dunn’s full conversation with Raj Patel here: